Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce Solutions

ERP Solutions
We offer a traditional, yet effective approach to help you reach your goals using the latest software innovations from SAP and Salesforce platforms. We can assist you with ensuring each customer has a distinctive experience by cultivating communication and growing brand loyalty.


  • Financial Services

    Oze's salesforce services can aid in offering new solutions to gather all of the customer's inputs in order to better understand them and provide them with a far more positive experience across all financial channels. It can also help in employee productivity by providing tools that make their jobs easier and enable them to go to the next level.

  • Retail Commerce

    Retail stores can connect to Oze's efficient Salesforce technology services to gain a 360-degree view of their customers. They can also give the client the ability to combine the physical with the digital through a consistent trip across any device, channel or point of contact.

  • Manufacturing Sector

    Hyperconnected markets provide real-time interaction amongst all actors in the production process. Oze's Salesforce technology services participate by allowing each of these process phases to be completely customized. Similarly, data control can enable for more personal contact with customers as well as better production management in this sector.

  • Communication & Media

    Our revolutionary Salesforce technology service capabilities can enable media to monetize interactions, develop and control advertising and do much more.